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Image of Nicola Lincolns book, "Whispers of the Soul."


“Whispers of the Soul is the perfect way to explore all aspects of spirituality. Nicola is able to convey abstract concepts in an intellectual, stimulating and practical way. This thought provoking book will inspire you to further your journey with Spirit.” Lisa Rolle

“If you are beginning your spiritual journey or wanting to learn more, this book is an excellent guide to opening your awareness. Learning to listen to the Whispers of your Soul is a must read for all those wanting to learn more on how to connect with the Universe." Shona Hurndell

Whispers of the Soul by Nicola Lincoln

“In your quiet moments, your soul can be heard. Your being that is one with the universal consciousness calls to you to remember who you really are.”

In this enlightening book, Nicola shows how you may tune in to Spirit for your personal spiritual awakening. She gives you the tools to deepen your everyday consciousness that aligns with your inner voice so that you may live a fearless, healthy, balanced life.

She has crafted this book along with her Spirit Guides. She channelled their divine, beautiful guidance, which is motivating and inspiring, to help you learn and grow, both personally and spiritually. She shares her experience with Spirit, which grew from curiosity and synchronicities in her teenage years, and led to her becoming a spiritual awareness mentor.

“My journey from spiritual curiosity to a mentor is a journey we all have within us. My aim is to share my experiences, knowledge and advice channelled from my Guides, along with practical techniques, so you may start on your spiritual journey, or be inspired to continue. I hope to help you awaken, open and strengthen your connection with Spirit so you may have a magical, joyful, balanced life, listening and acting on the whispers from your soul."

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