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I run regular Spiritual Development and Awareness Workshops and also see clients for One-on-One Consultations. If either is of interest to you, please see the below details.

The next Level 1 Development class is the 17th of September, held at Om Yoga Studio in Stonefields.

To Book: Go to  Click EVENTS, find the advertisement and click BOOK.

Nicola Lincoln holding Whispers of the Soul

Spiritual Development Workshops

Lighting Up Your Mystic Mojo with Nicola Lincoln

Qualified Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher & Intuitive Mentor

Author of "Whispers of the Soul."


I offer Level 1 and Level 2 workshops. In each event you can expect a day of joy, discovery and wonder through:

  • Learning your personal language and connection with Spirit and what spirituality means to you.
  • Discover what spiritual practices are and how to incorporate them into your every day life.
  • Understand how to lift your energy vibration to create a strong foundation to connect with Source and getting your Mojo back on track by manifesting your dreams and goals.
  • Discuss what it means to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant - and how these gifts are already within you.
  • Practice and learn a variety of easy, practical techniques and exercises that opens your awareness of Source to better receive intuitive guidance and messages through the 2 events -

LEVEL ONE Includes


How to Ground yourself / Mindfulness / Protection


Seeing Aura's


Automatic drawings (how to read and understand the meaning)

Psychometry (reading from jewellery)

Your investment: $195 which includes a copy of my book, Whispers of the Soul - which is used as a resource on the day.

LEVEL TWO Includes



Automatic writing (tuning into your Source allowing their message to be channelled through as you write)

The use of Oracle and Divination Cards, how to use and read them

How to tune into Source to provide a reading based on a photograph. 2 photo's need to be provided, one of someone you know who is alive and is willing to have a reading, and the other of someone you know who has passed away.

Your investment: $195 which includes notes.

Please contact Nicola with any queries regarding the course or if you would like to attend. If you prefer a one-on-one consultation, please call or email her to arrange a time. A consult is for 90 minutes and costs $130 and does not include the purchase of her book, though it is for sale.

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