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PSYCH-K® is a set of simple and effective mind-body-energy steps to enable rapid changes in your beliefs and perceptions.

It works on transforming any self-limiting beliefs at a subconscious level, where nearly all of human behaviour and beliefs originate from.

You work with the facilitator replacing what you DO NOT want in your life with what you DO want. The facilitator poses statements that you, through your subconscious mind, can find the key to unlocking those self-limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive ones. In some cases where past trauma is keeping you from moving forward, a stress balance can be done. It is not necessary for you to talk about it, simply thinking of it during the balance is enough.

Simply put, PSYCH-K® empowers you to make rapid positive changes in your life by releasing trapped emotions and aligning your subconscious beliefs to match your present conscious goals and intentions!

It can be used to help with loss, grief, self-esteem, self-confidence, anxiety, depression, relationships, health and body concerns and your personal power, all to achieve the reality you wish for.


Initial 90 minute Consult: $130

Follow up 60 minute Consult: $95

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