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Limitless Workshop
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Mindfulness Workshop - LIMITLESS

This 2 hour workshop, presented by Nicola Lincoln and Shona Hurndell, is designed to help you discover that you are more POWERFUL than you think you are. 

There is GREATNESS within each of us that can help determine our lives!

Yet so many have come to believe in their ordinariness, who I am to be that person, or 

nothing seems to work out the way I want it to.

In this workshop, we shall discuss and demonstrate how your beliefs were formed, influencing your perception on life and outcomes. Most importantly though, we teach how you can shake up and shift those old patterns, beliefs and energy, to reshape the life you intented, filled with happiness, success and health. You will discover a wide range of techniques that will empower you to take control back. The mind influences the body and emotions. A healthy mind will increase wellbeing, improve mental health and switch the body into its innate healing ability.

We facilitate the workshop that will:

  • Develop mindfulness practises to tap into your own wisdom
  • Learn to reframe distressing thoughts and emotions
  • Allow fear to become your teacher
  • Increase positive emotions
  • Understand how to turn off the Flight and Flight (Stress) Response and turn on the Relaxation Response to reduce stress, anxiety and those feelings of being overwhelmed and to then promote calmness, clarity and those feelings of being more balanced and in control.
  • Empower yourself to become whole again.

Classes may range from 8 to 20 people. We are able to come to you in a business setting, or run the workshop from various locations around Auckland. To enquire about cost and availability, please contact Nicola on 021 0332618.

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